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Public School Projects

Trotwood Middle School: The first of its kind in Ohio.

Trotwood, Ohio

Project details:  This 88,000 square foot facility, which is partially funded by the Ohio School Facility Commission, is the first 100 percent AAC school facility built in the state of Ohio.  Representatives of Fanning/Howey, a national leader in school planning and design, and Performance Concrete personnel

worked together to create a unique building envelope that will provide the school district with a high performance building.

All of the load bearing walls are constructed of 8 inch load bearing AAC panels and the interior partition walls are a mix of 6, 8, and 12 inch AAC block.  The first layer of the exterior finish consists of a Litewall base coat which provides the moisture barrier for the building.  The final exterior finish consists of a mix of various thin brick veneers and direct applied finishes that are consistent with two other new structures on the school's campus.  This wall envelope is only 9 inches thick as compared to the traditional 14 inch thick CMU and utility brick wall envelope and allowed the school district to recoup valuable and costly square footage.   The interior AAC wall finish consists of a layer of Gypspray, which is a gypsum based plaster, a layer of Spraywall for texture and durability, a coat of acrylic primer and completed with two coats of acrylic latex paint coordinated with the schools color scheme.

Building Assembly: 8" Vertical Load Bearing Wall Envelopes and 6, 8, and 12 inch AAC block interior walls

Type of expansion: New Middle School facility

Exterior finish:  Litewall base coat with Acrytex fine sand finish along with thin brick veneer and ground face cmu and smooth face cmu to make up the exterior finish look of the school.

Architects of Design: Fanning and Howey Associates, Inc.

Dealer/Contractor/Installer: Bruns General Contracting, Tipp City, Ohio. (D.C.I.)

Construction Manager: Skillman








Trotwood High School

Trotwood, Ohio

Project details:  This partially state funded school project is the first OFSC project that utilized AAC  material.  Since the OSFC Commission will no longer allow EFIS to be installed on OSFC funded school buildings, a viable alternative was required.  AAC 3" cladding was selected by Fanning/Howey Associates for architectural banding, gable, and other building elements that required a durable sub straight and exterior finish.

For specifics on the variance process required by the OSFC Commission to utilize AAC on a state school project, please contact Performance Concrete Products.

Building Assembly: 3" AAC Cladding for Architectural Detailing of building facades.

Type of expansion: New High School facility

Exterior finish:  Litewall base coat with Acrytex fine sand finish.

Architects of Design: Fanning and Howey and Associates, Inc.

Dealer/Contractor/Installer: Miles/McClellan Construction and Development (D.C.I.)