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Price Comparisons

In order to provide architects, contractors, and engineers with an objective answer to the question "what does AAC cost and how does it compare to other wall assemblies", Performance Concrete Products entered into an agreement with Blundall and Associates, a well known and respected cost estimating firm located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 

The cost data that Blundall and Associates provides on an annual basis includes cost averages, including labor and equipment, of typical through the wall assemblies in Ohio and Indiana.  What this data currently reflects is that what is commonly referred to as stick and brick construction and kynar coated metal wall panels with batt insulation is slightly less expensive than an AAC exterior wall.  As a rule, when AAC is compared to CMU cavity/back walls, tilt concrete walls, and pre cast concrete walls, the AAC assembly is equal to if not significantly less expensive in a through the wall cost analysis.  When considering that an AAC assembly is superior to alternate assemblies in terms of speed of erection, life cycle cost benefits, moisture resistance, and inherent fire and acoustical benefits, it is not difficult to understand why AAC has become a commodity in Europe and the Pacific Rim and why AAC is finally gaining acceptance in the United States.

Performance Concrete Products recognizes that many factors influence the true cost of a wall assembly; e.g. productivity of the crews, site conditions, openings, equipment requirements, etc.  However, our completed projects have proven that AAC structures are a competitive advantage for our DCI's, provide design flexibility for architects and design/build firms, add value to the client's building, have a positive impact on the operating costs of the facility.

Because Performance Concrete Products has invested in the obtaining of this cost information,

it will only proactively release the data to its DCI's and its other partners.  Performance Concrete Products will, however, be glad to respond to specific inquiries regarding the price competitiveness of AAC as well as share the information in its formal presentations.  Please contact Performance Concrete Products at 1-866-335-5468 or via email at