Autoclave Aerated Concrete
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Who We Are

Performance Concrete Products is a distributor of precast Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, better known as AAC, which is a fully integrated building system consisting of blocks and panels. As part of our distributor agreement, we provide training, engineering, estimating, and field installation support to our contractor base and their clients. We also provide training on AAC to architectural and engineering firms who are planning on incorporating AAC into their designs.

We have the distributor rights to market AAC for Aercon Florida, an AAC manufacturer, in 66 Ohio counties as well as Wayne County, Indiana. We also support Aercon products for projects in the northern part of Kentucky on an individual case basis. The list of the specific counties we operate in is located in the DCI (dealer/contractor/installer) tab.

We market AAC products through a dealer/contractor/installer, i.e. DCI, network, which is an approved group of independent general contractors who are trained in the installation of AAC products. While each DCI has their resident county as an assigned territory, the agreement we have with each DCI does not preclude them from pursuing AAC opportunities in other market areas.

We are rapidly growing our DCI network as the demand for AAC blocks and panels increases. The impact of the training and awareness sessions that we have been conducting with the building industry in and out of Ohio is beginning to show in a significantly increased number of projects in which AAC is being specified as a key building element.