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Office / Warehouse Projects


Cincinnati, Ohio

Building Assembly: 8" AAC Horizontal Cladding on Pre-Eng. Steel Structure

Exterior finish: Acryl M was used for the exterior finish of this large addition.

For the banding, acrylic exterior paint was simply applied over the Acryl M basecoat.  For

the interior of the warehouse expansion, the client choose to not apply a finish coat but

rather allow the light natural color of the AAC panels to provide a color contrast.

Type of expansion: Commercial Warehouse

Dealer/Contractor/Installer: Michael Lichtenberg & Sons Construction, Inc.(D.C.I.)

                                          Cincinnati, Ohio


Design Build: Michael Lichtenberg & Sons Construction, Inc.



Rellar Properties

Cincinnati, Ohio

Building Assembly:  A little over 10,000 sq. ft. of 8 " and 10" AAC cladding was attached to pre engineered steel structure for this new 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.  The building is 26' to the eaves and utilized 4 cored panels per bay for the parapet structure.  Using rebar to reinforce the parapet allowed for a very clean inside of the parapet which complemented the installation of the membrane roof.

Exterior finish:  In order to match the recently completed AAC expansion of it's headquarters location at RPI, the client again used Acryl M for the exterior finish.

Interior finish:  Again, as with the original structure, the owner choose to not apply any interior finish to the new building.

Type of construction:  New.  The client selected Lichtenberg and AAC for this new facility because of their complete satisfaction with the expansion of their headquarters.  In fact, the owner is going to be able to minimize the cost of construction for the new facility due to the insulating benefits of AAC.  The expansion was engineered to have 5 12 1/2 ton HVAC units heat and cool the facility.  After the first year of operating the building, the owner noted that only 2 of the 5 units were ever required.  Per that reduced usage, the owner relocated the 3 unused HVAC units to the new warehouse facility.

Dealer/Contractor/Installer:  Michael Lightener and Sons Construction

                                           Cincinnati, Ohio


Leather Gallery

Springboard, Ohio

Building Assembly: 8",10" 12" AAC Horizontal Cladding on Pre-Eng. Steel Structure

Exterior finish: Aryl M AAC finish was used for the exterior finish of this entire structure.

The interior AAC walls that were not dry walled were left their natural color by the client.

Type of expansion: Commercial Warehouse

Dealer/Contractor/Installer: Bruns General Contracting (D.C.I.)

                                          Tipp City, Ohio


Design Build: Bruns General Contracting